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At the moment the spark jumps the gap it causes a high frequency burst of energy, this is known as RFI (radio frequency interference). This is why resistor spark plugs were introduces in the mid 1960's. Placing a resistor within the spark plug suppresses the RFI. As well as reducing RFI for radio, television and mobile telephones etc, many modern ignition systems require resistor plugs to stop RFI from interfering with the vehicle's on-board electronic control units (ECUs).If non-resistor plugs are used in place of resistor ones, the result can be malfunction and in some cases immobilisation of the vehicle. So Resistor spark plugs should always be fitted

AGA Resistor spark plugs feature:
1. Using the Resistor powder as Row material.
Now in the world, there are only two kind of Resistor place within the spark plugs line. One is resistor block, For example NGK, the other is resistor powder. For example, Bosch, Eyquem ,AGA. The resistor block., is short and value of resistant is stabilization, but seal-ability of spark plugs is worse than using the resistor powder. Resistor powder is placed in between inner-seal material. under very high Temperature, the Resistor powder will be soft as chutty and together with inner-seal. Pass the terminal pressing and coldness, the resistor powder will be solidify. So resistor powder not only as a resistor but also as a inner-seal within the resistor spark plugs.
2. More safety
AGA resistor spark plugs ,the resistant range between 3000 ohms and 12000 ohms, the resistant value down when the temperature up.
3.resistor length only 7mm
resistor length in spark plugs is only 7mm, so we can using resistor powder as material to make the good quality bantam spark plugs, For example ,AGA L7RT,L6R...