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AGA£¨Ningbo£©Spark Plugs Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise to manufacture spark plugs for automobiles , motorbicycles, Scooters, lawnmowers and chainsaws¡­.

Now, AGA's Product line include 10 series of spark plugs, they are A series , B series, D series, E series, F series, G series, K series, L series, Q series, T series. these are almost 100 spark plugs types.

Base on the strong R&D ability, AGA can make high quality resistor ,platinum, iridium, gap surface spark plugs, Adopt under-glazing technology, let AGA spark plugs' appearance more beautiful.

To seek outstanding quality is eternal task of AGA£¬ The AGA's products are up to standard 100% by Strict quality control , specially test method, scientific making management. AGA Spark plug has won laudatory title within AGA clients.
2003,AGA begin to OEM for long histories spark plugs manufacturer in domestic and overseas market.
In 2003,Chinese national department of supervision and technology given AGA a title of 'enterprise of stable and good quality products in china in 2003'.
2004, AGA got ISO9000:2000 Certification.
2004,in Chinese market, AGA product quality insurance is approve by CPIC( China pacific insurance Co., ltd, The biggest national insurance company in china).that's Mean ,if AGA spark plugs quality have some problem in domestic market, CPIC will pay for the lost of AGA' s user.
Until now, AGA spark plugs have a strong sale net in all provinces of china ,also for OEM cooporation, we make almost 10 brands of park plugs in Europe Market for our clients.

In Tomorrow, AGA'S story will be continue by AGA client's corporation and AGA people's work hard.